Nice, France

Hotel and rented Panda Streets are all decorated for christmas Post box on the beach to send letters to Santa Morning Market in Nice Mmmm fresh baguettes View from the little mountain ... Nutella Crepes! Beautiful Cemetary on the mountain Amazing angel statue in the cemetary view from the cemetary . Le Barbecue! First ever meal at Le Barbecue! Lamb... YUMMY Duck in a honey sauce Sooooo awesome! Book sale Book Sale Christmas Market at night Christmas market! Took a ride on the farris wheel! View of the market from up in the farris wheel ... Le Barbecue for dinner too! (notice the dog in the window) Such a cutie. Appetizer of Gingerbread, goat cheese and duck. The flavours were AMAZING! BBQ'd chicken, pretty good Shot of the dining room and kitchen window marinated chicken skewers Le Quebec! Yay Canada! A casino in Monte Carlo I believe Pretty fancy cars in this town. ... I knew this was a Bugatti before reading the sign, thanks to dad Bugatti In Monaco walking up to the palace Statue Guy with a gun. View of Monaco from up on the hill A Church inside of the church ... ... Fountain in Nice Prince of Monaco I believe. in a souvineer shop walking around through the streets Going to this town in Italy to see the sunset. Watched the sun go down in the courtyard of this little church Very Pretty. After the sun went down ... Imperia to watch the sunset.


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